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1. The Two Tasks of Mankind - Spiritual Civilization and Material Civilization
2. The Cradle of Spiritual Civilization
3. The Completion of the Spiritual Civilization
4. The Significance of Futomani
5. The Substantial Significance of Futomani
6. Takaamahara and Izanagi-no-ohokami
7. The Descent to the Earth of the Grandson of the Sun-goddess
8. The World Administration by the Sumeramikoto in the Age of the Gods
9. The Myth of the Birth of the Second Civilization -- Susa-no-wo-no-mikoto
10. The Administration of the Orient by Susa-no-wo-no-mikoto and Tsukiyomi-no-mikoto
11. Foreign Kings, Prophets and Holy-men arrived in Japan for Study
12. The Characteristics of each Dynasty in the Age of the Gods
13. Moses' Administration of Europe under the Imperial Order of Kantaruwake-toyosuki-no-sumeramikoto:  The Old Testament
14. The Change of the Divine Character of Jehovah, the World Administration of Satan -- the Civilizational Significance of the Struggle for Existence
15. Concealing herself behind the Ama-no-iwayato -- Buddha's entering Nirvana
16. The Ruin of Judea and Jimmu's Restoration
17. Eastward Advance and Westward Movement of the Jewish Race
18. Suinin Tenno and Jesus Christ -- God's New Testament
19. Activities of the Naturalized Jews -- Building of the Towns of Heian and Hiejo Prosperity of Sakai and Osaka. The Linage of Japanese Plutocracy
20. The Shotoku-Taishi's Establishment
21. The Age of Darkness for 3,000 years of Sho, Zo and Matsu, and the Activities of the Founders
22. The Birth of Science and its Westward Advance -- Hou-Han and East Roman Empire.  Alchemy of Arabia, the Crusade, Science in the Middle Age
23. The Age of the Completion of Scientific Civilization -- From Geophysics to Cosmo physics
The Futomani and Theoretical Physics
25. The Settlement of Civilization
26. The Opening of Ama-no-iwato -- Buddhas' Reappearance from Nirvana, Christ's Read vent
27. The Restoration of the Divine Nature of Jehovah, the Completion of the World Conquest of the Jewish Race and the Restoration of their Spirituality
28. Susa-no-wo-tsukiyomi-no-mikoto's Returning to Takaamahara
29. The Pledge in the Heaven and the Festival of the Weaver
30. Unification of East and West Jewish Races
31. Trinity of Sambodhi
32. Three World Conference - The Conference on World Religion and Philosophy, the Verification Conference on Futomani and Science, the Conference on World Politics and Economy