I am going to explain the principle of humanity and the truth of the history of the world civilization. It is the problem concerning religion and science of the world, but I am not necessarily going to explain vague ideas of Kami and Buddha in the religion and philosophy of the past.  I am going to explain the passages of the history centered on Japan, not based on an insular spirit of seclusion, such as national faith or racial faith.  It will touch on the esssence of humanity thoroughly, and yet I am not going to drag about the contents of individual desirous groping in the dark, such as Karma, worldly passion or an act of spirit.

The genuine and basic principle of humanity, the conclusion obtained by clearly settling all the problems, such as Kami, Buddha, national structure, people, Karma or spirit, etc. is called the Three Sacred Treasures. It is the holy mission of the Sumeramikoto of Japan. It is the whole race who are assiduously exerting themselves in the creation of civilization, the art of life, under the guidance of the Sumeramikoto. I am going to tell you about the whole aspect of the activities of Sumeramikoto and the whole race.

Until today, elders and forerunners of all ages and countries have gifted us various results of studies one after another.  Every of them manifests respective truth, and yet, they are, so to speak, partial and fragmentary.  The world administration of our Imperial ancestors has been scheduled in the future by synthesizing, organizing and unifying such parts under a consistent reason, making the original principle of humanity in which the historical fatal relations of all ages have been originated, and properly arranging the system of fate.  And, it is the time to realize in the world the age of the third civilization of the unity of body and soul, the said schedule of which has been predicted by Sakya and Christ.  It is our mission to establish, as Buddhism says, the law of Mahayana and operate it, just as, for example, to finish a car by assembling the engine, the wheels, the body and motors, etc., and drive it toward the glorious destination along the correct driving route, taking the whole race on board.

But, the realization of the crowning glory of the civilization as expected by the administration of the Imperial ancestors does not come round itself as the four seasons do Civilization is not a natural phenomenon.  It is realized only when man exerts himself with self-consciousness.  Without self-consciousness and exertion, the world will stand still in the present chaotic condition forever.  Moreover, it is not a task accomplished by one or two.  It can be accomplished only by awakening and operating the world through the cooperation of the forerunners who have mastered the history and principle.

The facts mentioned in the present work is based on my manuscript of some 350 pages under the title "The passage to the third civilization" prepared ten years ago.  I have been waiting for the chance of publishing it, but it was in vain.  Recently, however, in compliance with the request of the society for the study of Hebrew, I am to introduce its outline.  And, this is the revised note of my lecture.  Since it is quite impossible to show the whole aspect in details by a limited short-time lecture or a brief pamphlet, I hope my readers will understand that the present work is nothing but an outline.  The details will be kept for another occasion of lecture or the answers to the question of those who have read it.  I have also prepared a pamphlet of the primer on the study concerning the world history and the Three Sacred Treasures, and am going to publish one after another.