This book has been published under the kind support of our follow members of "The Third Civilization Society" including Mr. Eiichi Yamamoto, Mrs. Aya Kimura and Mr. Yoneo Takeyauchi.

The regular meeting of the thrid civilization society is opened at our head-office Restaurant Yamamaoto once a month, and lectures, studying, table-talkings and debations on ancient history of the world and Shinto principle are held.  It will be convenient for whoever wants to study and question about this book to make use of the opportunity of this meeting.  The writer is attending every time.

I will introduce here the names of elders and brethren by whom I was taught, with whom I have been acquainted 30 years since.  Behind this work there are their studies and exertions underlying.  Blacketed passages show the items of investigation.

   Mr. Yutaro Yano (Takeuchi document, Prophesies of Tenrikyo sect and Omotokyo sect.)
   Mr. Kenkichi Yoshida (Takeuchi documents, Letters in the age of the gods)
   Mr. Shogun Sakai (Takeuchi documents, History of Judea Investigation of Pyramid)
   Mr. Jiro Murai (Takeuchi documents, Ruins of the age of the gods)
   Mr. Banzan Toya (Takeuchi documents, Ruins of Christ)
   Mr. No Akaike (The problem of Judea)
   Mr. Senko Yasue (Takeuchi documents, The problem of Judea)
   Mr. Yozan Iwasaki (The Problem of Judea, William Perry)
   Mr. Kyokuko Ariga (Chitan legends:  A disciple of Mr. Kanyu Hamana)
   Mr. Bunkichi Uchida (Investigation of Mt. Tsurugi)
   Mr. Eisuke Yamamoto (Investigation of Mt. Tsurugi)
   Mr. Tosaku Aduma (Study of Uetsufumi)
   Mr. Jiro Koga (Takeuchi documents)
   Mrs. Kiku Yamane (Takeuchi document, The Ruins of Christ)
   Mr. Tokisaburo Takeuchi (The Word Souls)
   Mr. Ichiro Mimura (Historical relation between Japan and Judea)
   Mr. Koreshige Inutsuka (The world administration of the Judea)
   Mr. Seikyo Takane (Investigation of Mt. Tsurugi)
   Mr. Chisho Uchiyama (The Word Souls, Investigating of Mt. Tsurugi)
   Mr. Teiichi Nakaki (Investigation of Mt. Tsurugi, Mu Contient)
   Mr. Yutaka Kikuchi (Study of Ancient Egypt)

The following are the reference used for explaining this book,  They are available at our Sumeralogy research institute. I make it a rule to directly deliver any of them to whoever wants, after interviewing.  Few of them are available, but they will be published again in time.

   Mankind!  Comeback to Japan (A5, edition)
   Explanation of 5 great legends of Japan
   On the three great oracles
   Random notes on Shintoism (Michisugara) 1, 2, 3
   Explanation of the Kojiki, preface
   Zion and Nippon (English B6, edition)
   Lotus sutra on Shinto view
   Lecture on Oharai Norito
   The world administration of the Jewish race
   Random thoughts on Shintosim (Tamauki) 1, 2
   Kototama, the principle of 100 deities in the Kojiki (English B5, edition)
   The Last Judgement-How to pass this gate
   Lecture on Tannisho of Shinran

[note] Since it is data guidance in 1965, it does not exist now.